Hoof clay for thrush

"Beeswax Blue Balls and Hoof Pack are a tack box must have.  I now have a Hoof Pack that actually stays put.   Thank you Julie for your dedication to the hoof  and the many years of R&D to produce these excellent products.  We are hooked!

Cindi - SYDNEY

Seedy Toe treatment

These balls are going to save me so much time and effort!  Awesome product .


Beeswax Blue Balls


I'm an equine hoof care practitioner by trade and when the Bare Equine blue balls came up in my news feed I was very excited to get these in and try them.

They have been nothing but amazing and very practical to use when I'm out visiting clients. They are extremely user friendly for my clients also who have been nothing but impressed using them for their horses in-between visits for home work.

Thrush products australia

Highly recomment these products.  My horse has chronic hoof disease (CBD) and I've seen an improvement in only 2 days of use - nothing else I've tried worked!.

Brigid - DARWIN

Seedy toe balls

We love these products!!  Highly recomment them to anyone.  They've made a huge difference in how our horses have bounced back from Seedy Toe!


White line disease horses

Had my farrier out today and he was very happy with the progress.   I've been using the spray and packing with the blue balls.  Seedy toe is almost gone! 


Stay put horse product

I have been using the Beeswax BLUE Balls to help my mare with growing out some very bad laminitic hoof.  The balls fill in the holes perfectly.

There will still be some of the balls present when I change at around 1.5weeks.  We have had them stay in for up to 3 weeks.

My farrier has been amazed at how long it has stayed in there.

Esther - QLD

Sam Coopers Horse.jpg

I received the blue balls to try out on my old gelding who has always been chronic with seedy toe. 

He had to have a lot of foot cut away after a spell due to seedy toe and I started searching for something I could easily use and carry with me when I went away to comps.

Absolutely love the balls they are so simple and easy to use and I have found they stay in the cracks of the feet really well. 

Definitely will continue to use these as my go to for all my horses and if they ever have seedy toe.


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