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hoof care

Because no-one likes a smelly crack

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Seedy Toe hoof care

Fighting Seedy Toe or White Line Disease? 

  NO MESS, NO FUSS - no messy liquids.  Our Balls hang around where you put them.

Thrush hoof care

Stinky Hooves?  

A smelly crack?  Yep - its probably thrush. Our best selling Hoof Pack transform funk to hunk.

Hoof Care for Thrush and Seedy Toe

Hoof Care Package with 4 of our signature products.

Thrush & Seedy Toe blast. Ready to sort your hoof funk? 

Pop these 4 in your trunk.


Horse Thrush products

What's that funky smell?  Yeah, you know it - time to sort our your smelly cracks with 3 of our signature Thrush blasters.

Spray, Powder & Pack.

Best selling Hoof Care Solutions
Hoof care products & accessories range
Hoof care australia

Hoof problems stressing you out?  Need a no fuss solution that is based on natural ingredients?

Want to feel like you have a professional in your corner?

You've landed in the right place. 


Developed by a Hoof Care Pro for simple effectiveness.

Mycosorb A+

Hoof health starts in the gut.

Mycosorb A+ Toxin Binder to help bind Mycotoxins in grasses, hay and commercial feeds.

Yea-Sacc for probiotic support promoting better digestion.  Improves gut health and flora.

Popular mineral mixes also stocked by special request.

Hoof pick

We all need the right tools for the job.

 Heavy duty hoof picks in pink and jade green.

Mueller tape - superior hoof tape and "stickability"

Monoject syringes for flushing into tight smelly cracks and crevices.  Hoof pro used and approved.

About us

Bare Equine Hoof Care solutions was born. 


We have been lucky enough to work with thousands of hooves, horses and owners as a hoof care professionals (Dip.EPT).   


We know the frustrations owners feel when faced with hoof care or hoof problems they don't understand.

We know you want the best for your horse.   

We know the time and dedication you put into your horses. 

We know the struggles,   

We know this because we've lived it too.

Bare Equine laminitis trimming
Bare Equine Julie Wright

For 2 decades, we've been down and dirty dealing with hoof funk. 


The eyewatering kind, the kind that makes you reel backwards and phewwwwweeeeeeee.


The smelly cracks, the crusty crevices, the big gaping holes, the rotations and penetrations.

2 decades of bending over for a living discovering all sorts of weird and wonderful hoof problems.

We encountered hundreds of horse owners wanting a solution that was easily obtainable.

Was there any that were available that covered a range of hoof problems?  No.

Was there any that weren't just a product sitting on a page of a multi national pet store?

Was there any available with support from professional in the industry?    Nope.  

Hoof Problems - articles and information