BALLS 4 BOOBS - October

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Fighting Seedy Toe or White Line Disease? 

Look no further than our Beeswax BLUE Balls.  NO MESS, NO FUSS - no messy liquids.  Our Balls stay put longer.

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Stinky Hooves?  

A smelly crack?  Yep - its probably thrush.  HOOF PACK for your stinky cracks.  Packed with natural ingredients including Manuka Honey & Zinc in a Clay putty.  

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Fighting to keep debris out of Abscess holes or Horse has hoof cracks?  Our Beeswax PURE Balls can help you out.  Natural Hoof Putty Balls.

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Hoof Bacteria and Fungi can be the start of debilitating hoof issues.  Our Hoof Spray can assist with cleansing the hooves.   Packed with natural ingredients, it can safely be used daily.

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Thrush Powder and Hoof Deodorizer.  A mix of natural clays and powders laced with Peppermint and Lemongrass for odour control.  Can be used dry as a Thrush Powder or to deodorize Hoof Wear.

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4 of our signature products.  Hoof Spray, Hoof Powder, Beeswax Blue Balls & Hoof Pack.

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Get on top of Hoof pathologies quickly with HOOF MATE soaking tablets.

Big problems need big solutions.

Australias' White Lightning.

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3 of our signature products to help combat Thrush..  Hoof Spray, Hoof Powder & Hoof Pack.

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We love these heavy duty wire hoof picks in bright colours. 

Easy to find if you leave it in a "safe place" or in the grass.

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Got skin problems?

Want a Zinc Putty for Thrush issues?

Greasy Heel, Rainscald, Rashes, Burns, Sunburn, UV Filter and more.

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We love these heavy duty wire hoof picks in bright colours. 

Easy to find if you leave it in a "safe place" or in the grass.

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All natural ingredients. No petroleum or mineral oil.  Nourish, protect and HYDRATE with our Hoof Balm.  

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Mueller Tape is a handy item for using with Hoof Boots or strapping a hoof to apply treatments. 

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Currently available trial sizes:

Beeswax BLUE Balls

Beeswax PURE Balls

Hoof Mate Soak Tablets

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Fill with your favourite Hoof treatment and access tight cracks such as contracted heels and thrush infections. 

Sold in pack of 5

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Fighting Greasy Heel or pastures full or Mycotoxins in Grass?

Mycosorb A+ is the most powerful Toxin Binder on the market.  Small dosage added to feeds daily.

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Hoof Health starts in the gut

Stressful events? 

Support Gut Health by adding Yea-Sacc probiotic.   Yea-Sacc provides the nutritional platform needed to enhance digestibility.

Trusted in Hoof Care since 2004

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