Our  HOOF POWDER is full of natural ingredients to help "fight the funk" and provide you with an easy care solution to absorbing moisture in hooves.


Encompassing a range of natural clays and powders.   Laced with essential oils of Peppermint and Lemongrass well know for their deodorizing properties.


Such a handy product!. 


  • Can be used to assist with THRUSH MANAGEMENT  by dusting over hooves daily and working into central sulcus and collateral grooves.  


  • Can be used as a general deoderiser in hooves to help ABSORB ODOURS


  • Can be used with HOOF BOOTS - either when riding, using for rehab or as a deodorizer when boots are not in used (or after cleaning/washing)


  • Can be used on other general hoof/legwear for horses as a deoderizer and absorbent.


Hoof Powder

GST Included