HOOF MATE - AUSTRALIAS WHITE LIGHTNING.  Chlorine Dioxide Soaking Tablets.


Approx 1 tablets per hoof per soak.


Hoof Mate is a powerful and economical weapon against topical fungal and bacterial infections of the hoof and lower leg - such as thrust, white line disease and scratches.  Hoof Mate is a self activating chlorine dioxide tablet that will create an activated chlorine dioxide solution.  


Chlorine Dioxide is an antifungal and antibacterial treatment which has a long history of use in human medicine as a topical disinfectant.  


Perfect in combination with our HOOF PACK for packing central sulcus, collateral grooves or white line infections in between soaks.   The ultimate powerful bacterial fighting duo.  


See our case study using HOOF MATE here:  www.bareequine.com.au/case-studies

Hoof Mate - Trial Size 6 TABLETS (postage included)

GST Included
  • These are posted via Regular Post large letter without tracking.