Quality mineral–charcoal dietary feed supplement for animals

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Agspand Pty Ltd’s Feedchar™ is a 100% Australian mineral–charcoal dietary feed supplement for all animals (horses, cattle, sheep, goats, alpacas, pigs, chickens, dogs and pets) that might assist with digestive discomfort, poor feet, skin and body condition, weight loss, stress and anxiety from ingesting plant toxins that commonly occur on and in grasses, hay, grains and feeds during both wet and dry seasons.

Agspand’s Feedchar is based on simple ingredients — organic charcoal and natural mineral clay — that animals seek for themselves in the wild to help with gut imbalances, acidosis and potent-plant effects.


Agspand’s Feedchar is a Certified Allowed Input for Organic Farming in Australia, number SXC 19091. Its monitored and tested ingredients pass all WHO and Australian requirements as safe to feed to animals (MSDS available online). Feed-grade charcoal is an Allowed Input for livestock in the Australian Organic Standard (2019). Quality natural mineral clay supplements are accepted by the European Union (2016) as suitable mycotoxin binders for “All animal species”.


Feedchar has almost no taste, smell, or nutritional value. To support gut health and condition all year round, small maintenance doses of Feedchar may be fed continuously, with all feed types, and added with vitamins and more minerals or supplements, if desired.


Bare Equine Australia is an Allocated Feedchar Stockist.   Order online or regular drops around the Campbelltown/Southern Highlands & Goulburn area can be arranged. 

FEEDCHAR™ - by Agspand

GST Included
  • At certain times of the year, particularly spring, autumn and winter, elevated nitrate and carbohydrate levels and endophytes or fungi containing mycotoxins commonly appear on and in grasses. These can also linger for a number of years in hay and grain-based feeds harvested off high-nitrate and high-endophyte plants.

    Mycotoxins are compounds in the fungi that interfere with an animal’s digestive wellbeing and condition. They can affect an animal’s nervous system and make them agitated, flighty, and sensitive around the abdomen. In severe cases, mycotoxicity can contribute towards laminitis, skin itch and allergies, weight loss, scours and reproductive disorders.

    Ruminant animals such as cattle and sheep experiencing plant toxicity show signs of ill-thrift and scouring. This affects their weight gain and creates stress for the animals, with the possible knock-on effects of dark-cutting meat and poor growth rates.

    Mycotoxins are found in endophytic fungi, which live in the plants, as well as saprophytic fungi, living on the plants. Endophytes are a plant’s means of self-protection against insect attack or animal overgrazing. Concentrations of endophytic fungi appear on the head of the plant when it is stressed from lack of moisture, or when the soil nitrogen is high.

    Endophytes typically occur in phalaris, tall fescue grasses and perennial ryegrass. The shoots and flowers of endophyte-affected ryegrass in particular contain high levels of the Lolitrem B mycotoxin. Horse paddocks can be covered in these plants because often they have been overgrazed for years and receive little attention. In their battle for survival the remaining plants’ defence is to contain high levels of endophytes at the base-sheath of the plant in its new stages of growth (early spring and autumn), and also on the seed-heads in summer.

    When added as a feed supplement, Agspand’s Feedchar™ might assist animals with plant toxins and pathogens. Animals may show less physical discomfort and stress from plant toxicity. Testimonials from clients describe how Agspand’s Feedchar has supported their animals’ gut health, behaviour, body condition and immunity over the long term.

    Feedchar is mostly Australian-made, feed-quality plant charcoal with a percentage of mined clay, which contains a range of safe trace elements in small amounts such as magnesium, calcium, silicon, potassium, and sodium. Both charcoal and clay are natural and organic gut balancers and toxin binders that animals source for themselves in the wild to assist with acidosis (low pH) and plant-toxin effects. The elemental breakdowns of charcoal and clay are freely available online.

    Agspand’s Feedchar is a Certified Allowed Input for Organic Farming in Australia, number SXC 19091.


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These balls are going to save me so much time and effort along with mess. Awesome product by Bare Equine.

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Anota Wood

I researched thrush, located a vets trial of several products, plus other data on the anaerobic cause. I purchased this product several years ago and gave a very detailed review of its success, along with the procedure I used (to manufacturer).
In conjunction with a simple Thrush dry dusting powder several times a week, my horse's very nasty deep thrush cleared up rapidly. I highly recommend it!

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Beeswax Blue Balls & Hoof Pack are a tack box must have... I now have a hoof pack that actually stays put... thank you Julie for your dedication to the hoof & the many years of R&D to produce these excellent products, we are hooked!

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Been using Hoof Pack for Thrush and hooves are looking much healthier.

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