Hoof Abscesses


A tender mass filled with pus caused due to infection. The abscesses can develop in any part of the body but are especially debilitating when formed within the horses hoof.


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What steps should I take to help my horse?


When a hoof abscess erupts at the CORONARY band, we all get excited now the horse is now able to stand and move more comfortably.


We've obsessed over the 3 legged horse in our pasture, called the vet the farrier and stocked up on poultice, duct tape and hoof boots.

The relief felt by owners is almost immediate too as prior to this there is not much we can do except poultice and wait it out.

Whilst the problem is generally resolved, there are still implications to the hoof wall which is now going to grow down with a hole in the wall of the hoof capsule. It will take approx. 9 months for the abscess hole to be at ground level and trimmed away if it has erupted at the coronary band.

In the meantime, this abscess exit point “the insult” is dead tissue on the hoof wall leaving it exposed to infection. The lower it grows, the bigger and nastier it looks – quite often 2 or 3 times bigger than the initial insult. Why is this?

Well, there is a lack of healthy cells around the area to reproduce hoof wall. The insult creates a pocket for bacteria to enter (manure, bacteria and fungi present in the soil, urine, dirt etc). As these bacteria collect into the abscess exit point, it gradually degrades the area = continues to weaken the hoof wall.

A simple way to look after these abscess exit points is to ensure they are kept clean and disinfected.   At least 3 times per week it would be good practice to clean out the abscess hole with a wire hoof pick and use HOOF SPRAY with antimicrobial properties to flush and cleanse thoroughly.   Our MONOJECT SYRINGES can be used for liquid and have a nifty curved tip and a good reach for small areas.  These come in a pack of 5 and are a very handy item for the tack room.

Our BEESWAX PURE BALLS can top off your routine by applying them over the thoroughly disinfected point, creating a barrier between the pathogens present in the horses’ daily turnout. Our Pure balls are packed full of natural ingredients which possess Antimicrobial properties and are a malleable form.

As always, this advice is never intended to replace veterinary advice and we always recommend contacting your vet as a first point of call.