Wix Mimish pre trim.jpg

JANUARY 2017 - Called out by owner to do a trim and boot fit on a horse who can no longer hold shoes. 

For those that have not yet seen White line disease or seedy toe eat away at healthy tissue hooves, this is a classic and severe case of this pathology.

wix mimish pre trim solar.jpg

Lateral solar view.  A huge cavity with ongoing infection.  Needless to say, the owner had bigger issues to now try and comprehend rather than a boot size for riding!

wix mimish post resection.jpg

Same hoof, same day after resection of infected and dead tissue.  

HOOF MATE soaks were used from Day 1 of the resection.  Easycare Soaker boots were on hand as was the HOOF MATE soak.  Owner continued HOOF SOAKS three times per week for 1 month, then weekly until May.

wix mimish 24th may.jpg

MAY 2017 - 3 months post initial resection.  HOOF MATE soaks were used weekly up until this point.   HOOF PACK by Bare Equine was applied to soles weekly when calling in to check on progress.   


Our HOOF SPRAYBEESWAX blue BALLS would be used in a major resection like this in between soaks.

Mimish Oct 2017.jpg

OCTOBER 2017 - Same hoof 9 months on.  Nicely connected wall, infection cleared up and hoof beginning to regain some health.  

The owner now has her hoof boots and has recommended riding!

wix mimish october 2018.jpg

OCTOBER 2018 - The hoof continues to stay free of pathology.   

Horse is 30years old, TB and continues to trail ride twice weekly with owner. 

Hoof Mate Front.png


hoof mate