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since 2004

Bare Equine Australia was born in January 2004 by owner Julie Wright.


Whilst studying and working as an Equine Therapist, Julie quickly realised that most of the horses she was working with were compromised in the hoof department.  Realising that the muscular therapy was only a "bandaid" treatment and she could not fully resolve the body issues without addressing the hooves, a chance in direction occured.  

Never intending to "get down under and dirty" with the hooves, she could just not locate anyone to work with her Physical Therapy treatments.  The seed was planted.   So off to learn more about this hoof obsession to see what it all meant.


Julie at her very first massage clinic before moving onto study Equine Myofunctional Therapy. (2000)


Julie attending her first Hoof clinic after trimming a Cadavear Hoof (2002)

Moving more into the direction of hoofcare and by 2005 barefoot horses were allowed in Endurance competition so off Julie and Beau went to test out some bare hooves on the legendary Shahzada course (Mini marathon of120k) and were successful in both 2005 and 2006 without the use of boots or shoes for these years.  These years marked the end of Julies career in the fashion industry moving to full time over part time work with horses.

By 2007 Easycare had realeased several new options for booting for pleasure and performance horses.   The mounted police in Sydney became interested in the extra traction the hoof boots may permit on tricky services and Julie was called in to fit out the entire crew in Old Mac G2s.  

Bare Equine Australia website was born the same year as Australias first dedicated hoof boot store.  

In 2010 Julie completed her Diploma of Equine Podiotherapy and continued to run her hoofcare business permanent part time around the busy role that becoming a mum involved.   Julie continued to compete in endurance riding testing the various new boots available from the Easycare range.  The Glove and Glue on Shell really became the favourite!

The boot range is now continually evolving as are the glue on products available for hoofcare.  

Moving on from mobile boot fitting and servicing trim and rehab clients around South Western Sydney and the Southern Highlands.  

Julie has a passion for rehabbing hooves (laminitics, hoof injuries, seedy toe, white line disease etc) and has developed some signature products under the Bare Equine Australia label to help owners and professionals with their hoofcare applications.  

She also runs a small scale Equine Hoof Rehabilitation facility in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

Bare Equine Australia still features hoof boots on the website specifically those tried and tested favourites such as the Easyboot Glove and Rehab boots such as the Easycare Cloud.  

Bare Equine is now specialising in hoof rehab topical applications such as our hoof clay HOOF PACK, BEESWAX Blue BALLS and more in R&D.   The hoofcare line works perfectly in conjunction with  HOOF MATE by Zydox - perfect partners in combating "hoof funk".

This range will be expanded - drawing on many years of experience using topical applications to help fight hoof infections - knowing what works and what does not.  Bare Equine aims to use the most natural ingredients in their products for hooves.  



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