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Just like many of you, I once thought that anything to do with my horses Hoof Care was my farriers job. 


How could I possibly know what I was doing with my horses hooves was the right thing?

 Maybe it would make them lame?   

I decided I needed to know more DO MORE and took action.   


I knew there were horses out there doing thousands of kilometres on bare hooves in endurance and I just

wanted to know HOW to maintain soundness in hooves I WANTED IN


I wanted beautiful sound hooves on my horses that could take me anywhere. 

What made the difference between an unsound "ouchy" horse and a true rock crunching horse?   

I had to know more - so off I went with my questions and undertook professional training in Equine Myofunctional Therapy (Cert EMT) and Equine Podiotherapy (Dip EPT).  I trimmed my horses from 2001 - started trimming Professionally from 2004 and rode them many thousands of kilometres barefoot and booted.  All the while focusing on what I could do to improve the form and function of any hoof under my care. 

It came down to MAINTENANCE.


MAINTENANCE - by taking ownership of my horses hooves, diet and environment.

MAINTENANCE - trying to always be on top of any small hoof infection before it creates lameness. 

MAINTENANCE of my clients horses.  Using simple effective solutions to help ease small issues. 

PREVENTION by using simple effective products to ensure hoof health.

We want YOU to be "IN" with healthier hooves that you have helped maintain.

Simple effective HOOF CARE SOLUTIONS.






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