Boot Fittings by Julie Wright

Diploma of Equine Podiotherapy
Certified EMT (Equine Myofunctional Therapist)
Member International Institute for Complementray Therapists
Fully Insured

Easycare Down Under Specialist Hoof Boot consultant.

Boot fittings need to be booked in advance. 
We travel weekdays for appointments, however some weekend appointments are available.
To achieve optimum boot fit, the hooves must be freshly trimmed.  A tidy up trim is included with all our boot fitting sessions. 
Sessions usually take up to 1 hour for one horse, depending on boot style requirements and how many questions you have!  
Extra horse rate (at same location).
Sizing records are kept on file for future reference.
Support available post appointment.
All replacement accessories for boots are available through us.
Any warranty issues dealt with directly through Bare Equine Australia. 
Charges as at JUNE 2014
Fitting charge (including travel and hoof trim) is $90 for one horse. 
Extra horses (at same location)are $60.
What are the benefits of a fitting?
If you are new to hoof boots and sizing, our fitting service is extremely valuable in determining what style of boot will suit your riding requirements aswell as to ensure the hoof is trimmed to ensure optimum fit.   This also enables us to define natural hoof shape and recommend which boot will cover your needs.
Bare Equine carries all sizes to individual fittings in the Easyboot Glueon/Gloves and the most popular sizes in the Easyboot Trail, Epics, Old Macs & Boas. 

There are an ever increasing number of horses in Australia who are having continued success wearing hoof boots either for Pleasure or Distance Events. 
Success stories are the result of correct fitting boots.
Correctly fitting boots are a pleasure to use, should cause no problems once applied  and should be tailored to each individual horse and the riders requirements. 
With the new line of Easyboot Gloves and Glue ons (our most popular to date), a fitting is ESSENTIAL.  These boots have no fastenings once applied to the hoof (apart from glue of course on the Glue Ons) so must act like a suction cup to secure to the hoof.  They are also not suitable for all hoof shapes - however, if they do fit your horse, these boots are "THE ANTS PANTS" and we recommend these for all riding distances.  (Pleasure or Endurance kms)
*EasyCare Down Under Specialist Hoof Boot Consultant.

Qualified EPT - Is your trimmer certified and insured?

*Certified Equine Myofunctional Therapist
Julie also takes upper body issues into account with all trimming & booting consultations.

*Many years experience riding Barefoot and Booted horses in distance Events.  (We don't just talk the talk, we trot the trot too!)